(We see lots of gameplay of pvzgw with Peashooter chill bean bomb and sombrero bean bomb.)

Peashooter: Chill Bean Bomb.

Chill Bean Bomb: yes Peashooter.

Peashooter: remember I hated the damn crap you did in pvz2.

Chill Bean Bomb: yes. You said that Garlic was better then me and you called me a bad word.

Peashooter: is your damn dad really Jalapeño?

Chill Bean Bomb: no. Is your dog count chompula?

Peashooter: no. Oh crap a zombie.

Browncoat Zombie: brains.

(Peashooter still pushes the Chill Bean Bomb to the zombie.)

Peashooter: actually you're more less crappier then in pvz2.

Mature rated.



Chill Bean Bomb.

Browncoat Zombie.

Garlic. (Name said.)

Jalapeño. (Name said.)

count chompula. (Name said.)

Sombrero Bean Bomb.