Has a mature rating.

( Gatling Peas Parents see a youtube channel named rfm. They start watching a mature rated video of Gatling Pea singing there's a zombie on your lawn.)

Man: Action.

Gatling Pea: Gatling Pea. 1 2 3.

(Gatling Pea doesn't sing.)

Gatling Peas Mom: hell. He's not singing.

Man: goddamnit.

(Gatling Pea thinks of the military.)

Gatling Peas Dad: honey it's dangerous.

Soldier: come on you bleeping bleep. Get the bleep up.

Gatling Pea: get up you bleep before I start shooting peas at you.

Lazy soldier: no you Bleep.

Gatling Peas Parents: He went to the military?

Man: cut cut cut cuuuutt.

Gatling Pea: you bleep. Before you said that I was starting to sing.

(Gatling Pea comes in.)

Gatling Pea: haha. I went to the military.

Gatlings Peas Dad: me and your mom liked your audition.


Gatling Pea.

Gatling Peas Mom.

Gatling Peas Dad.


30 Zombies.

10 Soldiers. Lazy Soldier.


Chomper. (On more fails to watch.)

Dancing Zombie and Backup Dancers. (On more fails to watch.)

pvz2 Crazy Dave. (on rfms icon.)

Creeper. (on Soldiers shirt.) he is a Minecraft and military fan!