(Garlics wife goes to youtube. She found that a channel called rfm had Garlic Singing there's a zombie on your lawn.)

Man: action.

Garlic: Garlic. 1 2 3.

(Garlic makes a poop on stage.)

Man: Goddamn it.

Garlics Wife: yes.

Zombies: cough cough coooouuugggh. Garlic you piece of. Damn I can't stay here long. I won't eat your brains.

Man: cut cut cut cuuuuttt.

Garlics Wife: yes Garlic. You're my hero.

(Garlics Wife sees that Garlic came home.)

Garlic: did you see my audition? I love pooping crap at zombies.

Garlics Wife: yes Garlic. You're my hero.

Has a mature rating. Goddamn damn and crap are said.



Garlics Wife


Man 30 Zombies

Crazy Dave (on RFMs icon.)

Peashooter (On more fails to watch.)

Bonk Choy(on more fails to watch.)

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