• Amir999990


    March 20, 2015 by Amir999990

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  • Niceperson


    April 26, 2014 by Niceperson

    I don't seem to be nathaina. There are no ways for me to be a sockpuppet, well, expect for badge spamming.

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  • Niceperson

    Sunflower explodes.

    April 19, 2014 by Niceperson

    (In youtube , Sunflower watchs a wtf boom video. )

    Man: what the f boooom. Mwahahahaha.

    Sunflower: you're crappy what the f booom.

    (6 browncoat zombies come.)

    browncoat zombies: mwahahahaha.

    Mature rated.



    Wtf boom man.

    browncoat zombies.

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  • Niceperson


    April 16, 2014 by Niceperson

    (Wall-Nut sees the annoying orange channel on you tube and sees a mature rated video of lemon vs. zombies.)

    lemon: I will kill you beeps.

    (lemon tree kills the zombies.)

    Mature rated.




    brown coat zombies.

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  • Niceperson

    (All the PVZ1 plants Are walking in a store when noteicing drinks of all the pvz2 plants.)

    Gloom-Shroom: who the hell says a zombie woke me up today? Lets get the crap out of here.

    The other PVZ1 plants: hell yeah.

    (The plants run out knocking a zombie chicken out.)

    (All the explosive plants blow up the store.)

    Jalapeño: nnnnnggggg.

    Cherry Bomb Bros.: wre expoldeanating.

    (All the pvz2 plants start running after seeing ther drinks get destroyed.)

    bloomerang: crrrrrroooddd.

    The pvz2 plants: what?

    Bloomerang: that's how Bob Barley said crap.

    Mature rated.


    All PVZ1 plants and all pvz2 plants except for chinese plants and Coffee Bean.

    Coffee Bean or Coffee Bean Zombie. *

    zombie chicken.

    Other store people.

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  • EPICMAN7556


    April 14, 2014 by EPICMAN7556

    Hashi, Hashi, Hashi-moto!

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  • Niceperson

    No coffee.

    April 13, 2014 by Niceperson

    (Peashooter does hyper and like super mario lands on Fume-Shroom.)

    Fume-Shroom: hey.

    Peashooter: did coffee bean wake you up?

    Fume-Shroom: two days ago he turned into coffee bean zombie. Godammmit.

    Peashooter: did the other crappy beans woke you up.

    Fume-Shroom: spring bean did a mario jump on me and I got a crappy wake up. chill bean farted on me and laser bean said ima firing my laser to me and I got too crappy wake ups.

    Crazy Dave: the zombies need ten more. Be carful out there. (Waby webble. Wabba.)

    Peashooter: crrrrrrraaaaappppp.

    Mature rated.




    coffee bean or coffee bean zombie. *

    spring bean. *

    chill bean. *

    mario. *

    shoop da whoop. *

    zombies. *

    Crazy Dave.

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  • Niceperson

    The vampire.

    April 12, 2014 by Niceperson

    Mature rated.

    (Wee see plants watching count chompula on stage.)

    count chompula: i am Audrey two.

    Sunflower: what the crap? Dick get out cut cut cut cuuuut.


    count chompula.


    Bonk Choy.


    zombie ( face on stage.)

    Man. (Imated.)

    Audrey two *.

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  • Niceperson

    Crazy noooo.

    April 10, 2014 by Niceperson

    ( in Dave's house he sees a zombie come in. He hears eating noises.)

    Homeowner: noooooooo!

    Crazy Dave: webble webble wabbo bleep webbo. (For the godamn bleeps of Penny.)

    Mature rated. I know this is short sparta.


    browncoat zombie.

    Crazy Dave.

    Dead sunflower.

    Homeowner. (Only heard.)

    Penny. (Name said.)

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  • Niceperson


    April 10, 2014 by Niceperson

    (12 kinds of plants are on the lawn.)

    Cherry Bomb Bros.: gargantuars. They're dicks.

    Wall-Nut: troll zombies. The vaulters.

    Bonk Choy: Robo- Cones are crap.

    Chill Bean: Pharohs and the goddamn gargantuars. Beet: djs.

    Garlic Drone: zombot drones.

    Sunflower: every one.

    Plantern: jack box zombies.

    Tall-Nut: bungees.

    Agent Pea: godamn Foot Solders.

    Imatier: in 76 there were imps in bulls that are crap.

    Mature rated.


    Agent Pea.

    Cherry Bomb.

    Chill Bean.


    Bonk Choy.

    Garlic Drone.






    jack in the box zombie. *

    Bungee Zombie.*

    pharoh zombie.*

    Foot Solder.*

    zombot drone.*

    zombie bull rider. (imp.) *


    dj zom-b.*

    zombie bull. *

    Vatling zombies.

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  • Niceperson

    (We see lots of gameplay of pvzgw with Peashooter chill bean bomb and sombrero bean bomb.)

    Peashooter: Chill Bean Bomb.

    Chill Bean Bomb: yes Peashooter.

    Peashooter: remember I hated the damn crap you did in pvz2.

    Chill Bean Bomb: yes. You said that Garlic was better then me and you called me a bad word.

    Peashooter: is your damn dad really Jalapeño?

    Chill Bean Bomb: no. Is your dog count chompula?

    Peashooter: no. Oh crap a zombie.

    Browncoat Zombie: brains.

    (Peashooter still pushes the Chill Bean Bomb to the zombie.)

    Peashooter: actually you're more less crappier then in pvz2.

    Mature rated.



    Chill Bean Bomb.

    Browncoat Zombie.

    Garlic. (Name said.)

    Jalapeño. (Name said.)

    count chompula. (Name said.)

    Sombrero Bean Bomb.

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  • Niceperson

    Mature rated.

    (Blover makes a troll face after doing good at rooty.)

    Man1: now at Bulb Fiction zen garden pots have bulbs. Blow the bulbs away.

    Blover: ok. You're not a dick.

    Homeowner in Bulb Fiction: godamnit. The bulbs won't go away.

    (Blover blows making the bulbs go away.)

    Man1: you're not a dick Blover.

    Man2: next work at The Planto Movie and The Jettisons.

    Blover and jetpack zombie: oh crap.

    Man4: he will do the piece of crap we hated Finding Flower.



    4 men.


    The zen garden pots.




    Garlic Drone.

    Planto Movie plants.

    the cactus.

    Jetpack Zombie.


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  • Niceperson

    Mature rated.

    (Blover walks past a building with the words Stunty on it.)

    Blover: what the hell is this? I should go in here.

    Man: so the movie rooty is what the crap? A clover? Are you the clover that shoots rainbows?

    Blover: I'm Blover. That's Shamrock.

    Man2: why the hell are you here?

    Blover: when fighting zombies I blow fog and flying zombies away.

    Man3: that sounds like a good movie.

    Blover: shut up and don't be a dick.

    Man3: I'm not a dick.

    Blover: just make me get damn awards for godamn stunts.

    Man1:ok. Don't be a dick.

    (Blover makes a troll face.)

    Man4: is that really a troll face? Blover: yes. Actually you aren't really dicks.

    Man1: we're doing it.

    (The movie rooty is shown. A flower waits for its root to grow.)

    Man1: now not a dick clover you h…

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  • Niceperson

    Heres da mature rated crap.

    (peashooter watches a rfm video of him singing there a zombie on your lawn.)

    Man: action.

    Peashooter: Peashooter 1 2 3.

    (Gargantuar crushes him.)

    Man: cut cut cut cuuuuut.

    Peashooter: my goddamn dick was killed by him.

    Jalapeño: here's my piece of crap I hated.

    Man: action.

    Jalapeño: jalapeño. 1 2 3.

    (Jalapeño Is dancing on stage with a band.)

    Man: godamnit.

    Jalapeño: nnnnggggggg!

    (Jalapeño leaves.)

    (Hypno-Shroom sleeps.)

    Coffee Bean: good morning Hypno.

    Man: action.

    Hypno-Shroom: Hypno-Shroom. 1 2 3.

    (Hypno-Shroom uses something to make it nighttime before he sleeps.)

    Man: godamnit. Cut cut cut cuuuutt.

    Gatling Pea: here's my best thing ever.

    Man: action.

    Gatling Pea: Gatling Pea. 1 2 3.

    (Gatling Pea thinks of the zen garden. He c…

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  • Niceperson

    Has a mature rating.

    ( Gatling Peas Parents see a youtube channel named rfm. They start watching a mature rated video of Gatling Pea singing there's a zombie on your lawn.)

    Man: Action.

    Gatling Pea: Gatling Pea. 1 2 3.

    (Gatling Pea doesn't sing.)

    Gatling Peas Mom: hell. He's not singing.

    Man: goddamnit.

    (Gatling Pea thinks of the military.)

    Gatling Peas Dad: honey it's dangerous.

    Soldier: come on you bleeping bleep. Get the bleep up.

    Gatling Pea: get up you bleep before I start shooting peas at you.

    Lazy soldier: no you Bleep.

    Gatling Peas Parents: He went to the military?

    Man: cut cut cut cuuuutt.

    Gatling Pea: you bleep. Before you said that I was starting to sing.

    (Gatling Pea comes in.)

    Gatling Pea: haha. I went to the military.

    Gatlings Peas Dad: me an…

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  • Niceperson

    (Garlics wife goes to youtube. She found that a channel called rfm had Garlic Singing there's a zombie on your lawn.)

    Man: action.

    Garlic: Garlic. 1 2 3.

    (Garlic makes a poop on stage.)

    Man: Goddamn it.

    Garlics Wife: yes.

    Zombies: cough cough coooouuugggh. Garlic you piece of. Damn I can't stay here long. I won't eat your brains.

    Man: cut cut cut cuuuuttt.

    Garlics Wife: yes Garlic. You're my hero.

    (Garlics Wife sees that Garlic came home.)

    Garlic: did you see my audition? I love pooping crap at zombies.

    Garlics Wife: yes Garlic. You're my hero.

    Has a mature rating. Goddamn damn and crap are said.



    Garlics Wife


    Man 30 Zombies

    Crazy Dave (on RFMs icon.)

    Peashooter (On more fails to watch.)

    Bonk Choy(on more fails to watch.)

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  • Niceperson

    The Plants

    March 31, 2014 by Niceperson

    Here's a history of day plants in pvz pvza and pvz2.


    In pvz1 it shoots a pea at zombies. It was the first plant in the game more Peashooters which are snow pea repeater and spilt pea.

    In PVZA it was also the first plant to get.

    Other Peashooters here are repeater and snow pea.

    In PVZ2 it is again the first plant you get. If plant food is on it it will turn into Gatling Pea ans shoot 60 peas.


    In PVZ1 it produces 25 sun every 24 seconds. It is the most important plant to use. It's upgrade is Twin Sunflower. It is the second plant in this game.

    In PVZA it is the same as the PVZ Sunflower.

    In PVZ2 it is the second plant. It produces 150 sun if plant food is on it.

    Cherry Bomb

    In PVZ it explodes and kills all zombies in a 3x3 area. It…

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